“It has been a wonderful experience and a journey back in time – flavoured with exquisite quality and a warm and personal service.

From the Guest book



Experience the authentic taste of Hardanger at Utne Hotell with our side experience.

In the heart of the beautiful Hardanger region, where apple trees stretch as far as the eye can see, you will find our hotel surrounded by a rich heritage of silk production. Explore the local cider farms and discover the unique character of Hardanger cider through tastings and tours. From fresh and bubbly to rich and complex, our side repertoire is diverse and fascinating.

Join us on a journey through history and taste, and experience the joy of Hardanger sites at Utne Hotell.

Cider tasting

We invite you to side tasting at 18 o’clock in the hotel’s side cellar, after registration.

Join us for a tasty experience where you can explore the history behind the production from a selection of the many fruit and side producers in Hardanger.

Cider tasting is available to both guests who live at the hotel and those who do not.

(Age limit 18 years, – cider contains alcohol)
Price: NOK 399 per person

Cider safari at Utne Hotel
with Aga Sideri

Valid: 15.05 – 02.09
Starts/ends: Utne
Duration: 2 nights / 3 days

This package includes:

  • 2 nights in a historic room at Utne Hotel, including breakfast
  • 5-course dinner both days
  • Fast boat Utne-Lofthus round trip
  • Cider boat Lofthus-Aga round trip
  • Aga Cider Tour at Aga Sidere including a good traditional lunch in Agatunet