“Thank you for a lovely visit at your hotel! This has been like visiting an old aunt. Good bed, cosy room and great service!”

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The amazing nature with its mighty snow-capped mountain tops and the green blue Hardangerfjord create a beautiful backdrop for a visit to Utne hotel. It is breathtakingly beautiful and to stay here is an experience in itself.

This picturesque atmosphere makes Utne hotel a perfect venue for celebrating special occasions such as anniversaries, friendship and love.

This is a great place to stay when you want to enjoy the company of the people you love.


The dining room at Utne hotel can host parties of up to 60 guests

A historic journey

Utne Hotel is Norway’s oldest preserved wooden hotel which has been in continuous operation for over 300 years. It all started in 1722 as an inn with a living room, kitchen, hallway and a bedroom. For hundreds of years, Utne Hotel has offered tradition and care for its guests. Considering the age, it is not so strange that you can hear creaking sounds or feel that someone from previous generations is looking after you. It’s like living in a history book. Throughout the ages, the hotel has been run by strong women – Mor Utne ran the hotel for 70 years.

In the spirit of Mother Utne
At Utne Hotel, the ladies have always ruled. The story of Mother Utne is widely known. Willpower Torbjørg Johannesdotter Utne, as she was actually called, ran the hotel for 70 years with love and strength. It is written about her: “There we were met by the pleasant hotel hostess Torbjørg, she was so bright and pleasant that everyone liked her and knew her all over Europe, from Hanover to America”. The local population of Utne greatly appreciated Mother Utne, and collected money for a silver wreath for her funeral. This hangs today in the restaurant at the hotel.

Would you like to read more about the history of Utne Hotel and former drivers? In all our hotel rooms, you will find the 300-year anniversary book that takes you on a historical journey.

Slow down and unwind

With a focus on relaxation, far from the
hustle and bustle of city life.