The cider hotel, Utne hotel is celebrating with its own anniversary cider

Utne hotel is celebrating 300 years in constant business, and on that occasion we have got our own anniversary cider. Our noble drops are from the recent gold winner at Cider World in Frankfurt, Kvestad Sideri.

Utne hotel – the cider hotel in Hardanger.

The tradition has been kept the same and we serve apple cider tasting every evening at 18.00. Here we present bubbly, sparkling, sour and sweet apple siders from Hardanger, to guests and locals who want to join in the tasting. Order an apple cider tasting by sending an email to our reception:

Apple ciders are also used in the menu of chef and manager of Utne hotel, Jon Aga. He makes delicious sauces and desserts with apple cider as a secret ingredient. Guests also get apple cider for both starter and dessert!

If you want to become an apple cider expert or just enjoy apple cider from Hardanger, you can join various apple cider safaris. In the summer season, all visitors to Utne hotel can travel by boat to various farms and taste the local fruits. We can highly recommend taking the speedboat to Norled/Fjordcruise Hardanger from the dock at the Utne hotel at 09.55. This boat will take you either to Lofthus, (Kinsarvik), Ulvik or Eidfjord: Booking a boat and information on timetables can be read HERE.

For example, take Fjordcruise (Norled) to Ulvik and go the side route – consisting of 3 farms, the return is at 15.15 to Utne hotel.

You can also take Fjordcruise (Norled) to Lofthus and join the side boat, Vision of the Fjords.

Here is a link to all tours that you can sign up for in Hardanger:

NB: Order cider tasting before 22.00 the night before.