We have the pleasure of welcoming Jon Aga home!

From the coast and small islands in the north to the fjords and mountains in the west

Jon Aga have a background as hotel director, where he owned and was the manager of Vega Havhotell. Jon is also known from, among other things, the TV series Vegamat on TVNorge where he received the local food culture award in 2006. You can also make your own dishes from Jon’s own cookbook, “Jon Aga’s taste of Vega”. In 2021, he received the Norwegian Tourism long-standing efforts to promote food as an experience in the tourism industry.

Jon has an impressive background and has, among other things, built up Vega Havhotell to become a landmark in the sea gap on the Helgeland coast.

Jon is a real “harding” – which means a native Hardangerfjord person,  who is now looking forward to setting the mood with, among other things, his menu, with us at the Utne Hotel in the Hardangerfjord. “I’m happy to come home!” says Jon. He tells us that he has always known that he will return to home. Being able to open the doors to Utne Hotel on 22 April is a great honour. “All credit to Margaret who has bought Utne Hotel and will take care of it and ensure that it becomes a place that Hardanger is proud of”, stresses Jon.

From the start of the season we will offer a 5-course menu which will be served at 8pm. Jon Aga has a genuine interest in local food produce and looks forward to getting to know all the local producers. “At Utne, we live in the middle of  all the food we can dream of,  with wonderful products such as lamb, beef and game. We have fruit and berries in season that we make sides and jam from.”

Jon is passionate about you as a guest being able to lower your shoulders, find peace and enjoy good dining experiences in a beautiful fjord landscape.